Riverside Camping

Ultimate Guide to Camping in Manali

Everyone wants to stay close to nature and cherish each moment spent there. The snow-clad mountains, green trees, sound of the wind, flowing water and chirping birds is what makes it worth travelling each year.

One can opt for a comfortable and cozy stay in camps when planning for a holiday. It is a refreshing and a unique experience when you are surrounded by spellbound gigantic Himalayas under clear blue sky. Get ready to explore the hidden gems of Manali when staying there. Manali is well-connected by train, road and air and is easily reachable. It is also known as hub for nature lovers, couples, kids and there are plentiful of the activities for adventure buffs.

Nestled in center of valley and hills, it is perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city. Take a break from your busy schedule and experience the mesmerizing beauty of coastal campsite. Breathtaking views will surely make your holiday unforgettable.  There is no dearth of adrenaline-charged camping site apart from that trekking, hiking and other amazing opportunities makes Manali a treasure house for travelers.

You are a person who loves to camp, we have a list of amazing best camping in Manali that you can consider.

Adorned by unreal natural creations, Manali is home to countless campsites. Some of them are nestled in the mountainous region and others along the riverside. Based on what you would like, select from these Manali camping spots.

Solang Valley

One of the most stunning valleys is Solang Valley, which offers breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, clear blue sky, and picturesque landscapes. The valley offers a plethora of activities for adventure junkies. In fact, it is called "paradise" for mountain, adventure, and nature lovers.

Village Sarsai

Sarsai is the favorite spot for camping and is just a 20-minute drive away from Manali. Every place in Manali boasts of its luxurious hotels and camps amid snow-clad mountains and lush greenery. If you are looking for a place for fun and enjoyment in Manali, whether you are solo, with family, or with your besties, this village is sure to offer you the best of your stay.

Camping in Manali

The Camping Kings - Bhanu Bridge

No adventure holiday is complete without camping. They are inseparable and The Camping Kings understand it better. Located near Bhanu Bridge, this camping-cum-adventure camp in Manali is enclosed by gorgeous mountains. The spectacular valley is adorned with tall trees of pine and scintillating waterfalls. The location of The Camping Kings is outstanding and is one of the best camping destinations in Manali to enjoy fantastic riverside camping. With The Camping Kings, you are sure to experience the best camping session ever. The Beas river flowing by speaks different tales all together. The gushing sound of the river amid the lush green valley is magical and is a perfect backdrop for your photography session and camping. This place is sure to fulfil your camping fantasies. Imagine yourself in any landscape and you will definitely find it here. Get ready to be hypnotized by nature and surprised by the plethora of treasures it has to offer you.

Another gem of a place for camping is Tirthan Valley. The awesome and picturesque place is an ideal camping destination that is perched at a height of 1600 ft., it is a great place to camp. What more can be desired when visiting Tirthan Valley.

In fact, you can plan your itinerary while camping at each destination. Make this holiday the most memorable one. There are some places as well, such as Sethan, these are popular campsites that attract tourists. This is an off-beat destination that is less explored, and you get to witness the real beauty of this place.

What is the best time for Camping in Manali

Summer is the time when this paradise receives flocks of tourists who wish to escape from the sweltering heat. In winter, Manali is fully covered with snow and this place becomes heaven for photographers and adventure-seekers. Come witness and experience this unforgettable glory of nature along with cozy Swiss tent houses in Manali.

Falling snowflakes, colorful skies, beautiful sunrises and sunsets filling your day with freshness can be the best season to go camping in Manali.

Manali’s calling! Come stay and camp amid the stunning and unparalleled landscapes with changing topographies. Let the mountains tell you their glories. Talk to nature and be close to it and let this holiday heal your body and soul.