The Camping Kings is an adventure campsite in the heart of nature, offering unforgettable Manali camping experiences. Blending luxurious tent houses with off-the-beaten-track forests, waterfalls and wildlife – one of the finest experiences you’ll find while Camping in Manali. Evenings under the stars, besides the campfire and the decadent privacy of your tent accommodation; The best camping in Manali experience is all about you.

Accommodating fun families, cozy couples, adrenaline-pumped adventure enthusiasts & bag packers; The Camping Kings will immerse you in unique Manali landscapes and experiences, up close to nature, exquisite culinary experiences, while being assured of all the soft luxuries in accommodation.

Couples relish the seclusion of their private tent houses. Some also enjoy mixing with like-minded experiential travelers and sharing the tree-change lifestyle of our hosts.

Comfortable Tented Accommodation at Bhanu Bridge, Manali, 3 kilometers before Manali Mall Road on the Chandigarh Highway, After crossing the river Beas.

  • Swiss tent house in Manali with beds, seating rooms.
  • Single and twin double beds, mattresses, pillows and clean linen.
  • Every tent has Chairs and a coffee table.
  • Attached western toilet, Washbasin and hot water tub.
  • Serving all types of cuisines on Table-de-Hot and Ala Carte basis.
  • Basic first aid and Doctor on call at the camp.

For those who crave adventure, energetic expeditions await! You can also head into the tangled forest on a self-directed camping in Manali.