In the Heart of Manali

Manali Camping- An Ultimate Holiday Destination for Adventure and Peace Lovers.

Nothing is more fulfilling than spending a leisure time in laps of mother-nature. When the summer hits hard, everyone rushes to Himalayas. Are you also searching for a place where you get to witness all the panoramic views, encapsulated with mountains, free-flowing serene river and many thrilling adventure activities? Are you ready to get enthralled with all of them?

Manali is the most happening place that has something or the other for every age group from a child, to couples, adventure lovers, nature lovers and much more. What else one can ask for when on vacation mode.

Are looking for a great, safe and beautiful place stay? The Camping Kings is a perfect place to stay if you are an adventure, beauty, fun lover and excited to experience the best camping in Manali. It is nestled right in the laps of the gigantic Himalayas. The campsite is right next to the river Beas, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The camp is fully surrounded by pine trees and cedar forests that will give you a feeling of purely being close to nature. You can experience adventure activities like rock climbing, hot air balloons, tent houses, zip-lining, and trekking with the best of food and comfort even while camping in Manali. Enjoy enthralling views of the Indrasan, Inderkilla, Pha Konda and Hanuman Tibba peaks.

Safety and comfort are major points of concern when it comes to camping, adventure and mountains. Our tents are sturdy, strong and stands tall even on windy nights, also protecting from harsh rains as well. Our trained and experienced staff is humble and is always ready to serve you with a smile.

Our camps in Manali are located just at a walkable distance from Bhanu bridge, which makes the riverside camping in Manali unique and memorable experience. The small bridge on the right side of the river bank is at an altitude of 2,050 m (6,726 ft.) in the Beas River Valley is an ideal place to spend quality time with tent house in Manali close to mountains. The roads are smooth and well-connected, so reaching The camping kings is a pure pleasure.

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Enjoy the best of Camping in Manali

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Manali Camping in Swiss Tents & Lots of fun

Camping is something that everyone loves. Camping near the riverside and under a clear sky witnessing the twinkling stars is an amazing experience for every nature lover.

What else can be more lucrative than spending nights camping next to the river under a clear sky doing start gazing? The experience is totally blissful and is beyond words that can’t be explained.

Activities: There are plentiful enthralling activities to do during Manali camping such as trekking, mountain climbing, Rappelling, zip-lining, Burma bridge and many more. Besides these, you can also have an amazing time while tent pitching, Bonfire and admiring the breathtaking beauty of the snow-capped mountains. Travelling via the Atal tunnel as an unforgettable experience altogether. 

Camp Accommodation: The camp tents are quite spacious equipped with mattresses, electricity and attached bathrooms.

Lively Café: Imagine yourself sitting in laps of mountains with your favourite music and food. What else could make your holiday so perfect? The lights, the music and the perfect dining cuisine are sure to make every moment unforgettable.

Trainer lead treks: If you are an adventure lover, all you need is a professional trainer that will lead you to various treks ensuring your safety and a wonderful time to satisfy your thrilled soul.

Paragliding:  paragliding gives you the wings to fly over snow-clad mountains, mesmerizing serene river flowing between the mountains. Feel like a bird. The Camping Kings helps you fulfil your heartfelt desire to fly over mountains.

Then there are many other activities such as river rafting, and angling in the Beas river. Climb up the rock and test your physical and mental strength and hop down the rock tightly gripping the rope to descend safely. Zip Line is yet another adventure activity in which you are tied with a harness and slide down from one cliff of mountain to another.